Why was man created last? (Decoded)

In the genesis account of creation, man could have easily been created first but instead he was created last. Why was this so? Why last? of all the other days. Plus what makes this order of creation even more puzzling is that GOD rested on the seventh or sabbath. What strangeness this is! We see this again when Noah let all the animals into the ark then him and his family entered last. This was not by mistake, GOD doesn’t change, HE did this on purpose.

Okay, let’s decode this

Animals are simple minded beings, they do not think about discovery and exploration, they only think of maintaining their strength and physical bodies. They cannot see beyond their daily routines that concern body maintenance. While on the other hand, human beings are more than capable of perceiving things beyond survival, things beyond what the body needs. In short, animals are slaves to their bodies but we humans are not fully enslaved to our bodies, we can either choose our bodies or not. 

We were created last to lead by example, to enlighten and lead the foolish animals that existed before us. JESUS is the same with us, he came after us but led by example to us in darkness just as animals are in darkness. They are blind to what’s beyond survival.

Beleive it or not, we as sinful human beings outright resemble animals. We live to maintain our bodies whereas we have been given the gift of perception. We fall in love with our bodies and get tied to them just like animals are permanently tied to theirs. The body is a comfort zone because it loves rest and being fed and comforted, just like a cat. We came last because the kingdom of GOD is led by those who are the least. 

We are the most enlightened too because we were made in GOD’s image that can perceive beyond the body. No wonder truly born-again people are the most enlightened people that walk the earth, we are beyond the animal phase. Control your body, control your mind, control your perception of life.

Strange people talking to cats on tv

There are times that I switch on the TV or go on the internet and see strange people talking to the cats and dogs, dressing them up in certain types of cute clothes and uniforms. The dogs just look at them strangely not knowing that they are being humiliated, the dogs look at them in oblivion but the human being is happy to have found a new clueless slave, a slave to torture and humiliate in exchange for food and forced compliments. Yes, this happens more than often. Yes, human beings are ENTIRELY desperate for worship.

Do you know why this behavior is highly praised on TV? It is highly praised to keep your mind in oblivion, to help you deceive yourself that mentally you are higher than the animal, but in the real sense you are both trapped in your earthly bodies., it doesn't matter who’s the most clever. Who knows, maybe animals do make it into heaven.

Conclusion: Don’t be trapped in sin and be controlled by your body. Instead respect it as GOD’s temple but do not worship it by itself lest you get trapped your entire life serving your body like an animal.


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