Why was JESUS born in a manger

the whole world hated GOD because he knew not his ways. The heart of man was always against GOD because man is filled with evil. Man's only desire is to compete with GOD. The thought of a ruler being brought into a kingdom, company, society to change the old comfortable and sluggish ways of the subjects is something that is prone to spark a wild debate amongst the subjects. New rules means being trapped into new mazes, new likely unfavorable walls/rules being set up.

The answer: a new ruler who will change the rules isn't welcome simply because He will change the rules. Man loves His evil, because without it man strongly believes he is powerless. Men hate new rules because of powerlessness. The world couldn't welcome a new ruler who would eradicate evil which is very easy to go on by.

Only the animals would welcome Him because they know not good and evil. They are blind to JESUS. If they knew the difference, who knows what would have happened in that manger. Maybe they'd reject HIM too. We have to accept we are all eveil because we love to sacrifice people for our own amusement. We do this because evil is very demanding.


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