Why Was It Important For JESUS To Protect The Adulterous Woman.

There was a time a woman had been caught in adultery. The crowds brought her to JESUS, they asked Him what should be done because according to the laws of Moses she should be stoned. JESUS bent down and started writing something on the ground, they continued questioning Him, He rose and asked them "if anyone there had no sin, let him/her be the first to stone her" none did so, they all left. He then asked her, "where are your accusers?
 Does no one condemn you?" She said "no one" then JESUS said, "neither do I".

Let us decode this:

The Pharisees and scribes who brought the adulterous woman wanted to do what was in accordance with the law of Moses. While this might be right, what made it wrong is. Human beings are damned, evil, they wanted to kill her so they can feel better about themselves, we love sacrifices, especially human ones.

This is the very reason Jesus said, "if any one has no sin be the first to stone her'. Man is always desperate to give him/herself a sacrifice, we want it like we want food. Most of the things we do is to give ourselves a sacrifice, find somebody we can command and devour.

The Pharisees and scribes had secretly found their sacrifice, which was the adulterous woman. Modern day sacrifices are celebrities who sacrifice their dignity to us for money (e.g Kanye West and Miley cyrus), to feed us our evil desires. The local news also throws sacrifices to us now and then, lets us see humiliated, murdered and tortured people just to feed our evil desire for a fresh sacrifice.

As I said before in my other blog post, we are evil just like pharaoh. We love enslaving/ evil to feel more powerful. Unless we adopt Christ's image and walk in His exact steps in our every day life, we will live everyday searching for fresh sacrifices.

They brought her to him to test Him

Ofcourse they wanted to test Him, he was claiming to be the son of GOD, a role higher than that of our evil self appointed god level. People fear death that is why as weak human beings we desire nothing more than to pretend we are gods, seek sacrifices so that we do not die. 

All those people followed the law because they feared death, Not because they LOVED GOD. Christ responded the way HE did to prove HIS point. They feared GOD less and death more.They followed the law because they feared death.

Conclusion: We are all born sinners looking for sacrifices like vampires. We need to fear GOD more and death less because GOD proved HE is Higher than death.


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