Why Is Lust So Bad? According To Revelation.

Lust is everywhere, it's being used as baitclick on the internet, as a reason to buy that brand new car or see that new song everyone's talking about. Lust has become the new currency, lust has become the new mark of access. Without adding lust to products, companies do not sell that much, this is why some companies shape their bottles to look like women's body figures. Didn't know? Now you know.

Lust controls minds, it is a powerful sedative.

Yes, lust is a very powerful sedative. When in lust, the mind which naturally is closed off like a bank becomes open like a public library and this is why marketers love it so much. They get so much out of you when you're in lust. Now you know why so many naked pics are spread out. It is to make our minds numb, lust has the same effect as a mad man's mind numbing medicine.

Lust turns us into thoughtless animals

When you lust you do not become composed, you are under a spell. You practically turn into an animal whose leash is owned by the source of the lust (either seductive man or woman). Both women and men know this and love this.

Our evil nature loves to attract worship at any cost, even if this means stripping down so as to turn the men's or women's minds into dog's mind temporarily. You wouldn't believe what people would do for just three minutes of worship.

To make lust more comfortable, make up was invented.

Men and women who love to perform lust, or in truthful terms, wizards and witches who cast lust spells on victims to gain power and worship felt uncomfortable being publicly seen performing these acts of mind controlling lust.  Make up was then invented for this reason. To put on a temporary mask so if you are a witch or wizard you can put on your make up, perform lust, take off the make up and be "blameless". Truly, human beings are stupid.

The whore that sits on the beast

The whore = lustful beings, both men and women.

The beast = Thoughtlessness of man while in sin.

Drinks blood of the saints = The idea is to hate everyone that doesn't fall into their trap of lust.

Conclusion: Do not be owned through lust, these people performing lust on you don't want your heart, they only want to own your mind.


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