Why is the like button the strongest drug? The love of money

People are addicted to money nowadays, people are addicted to money because money makes people invincible, it is like expensive makeup. Money hides our numerous flaws as human beings. For example: if I have a brain problem and don't have money, people would notice my brain problem pretty quick, however if I on the other hand was rich but still had a brain problem, then my brain problem would be hidden from view as people would be first drawn to my money.

How does this link to like button addiction?

You see the like button is not like Money like some of you would speculate. The like button is a motivator for spending money. Yes, it discourages saving and encourages full expenditure. How does this happen you ask?

The answer is really simple. You see, if you want more likes in your social media you have to spend more and more money to change your entire outlook for each like. You end up living for people, living so others can see, you then make their eyes your pillar which is extremely dangerous. When people's eyes are your only pillar then you no longer own your mind and body, they own it for you, each and every stranger is buying stock to own you with each look.

A social media like is like being looked at

One like on social media is like someone,maybe even a total stranger looking at you in the streets. You feel a kind of warmth inside when you're been looked at because we perceive this is a kind of approval and appreciation, but should our standards be owned by everybody who likes us or just plainly PRETENDS to like us?

Apart from making us spend, like buttons mould who we are

As human beings our focus tends to lie where we seem to be appreciated, like a compass always points north, our hearts always point out to the direction of the appreciation. Where our hearts lie then we automatically mould ourselves to fit in the type of appreciation given. For instance: a woman might see a group discussion about how slender women are more attractive, if she is weak, then she will mould herself to fit this description only for a little appreciation.


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