Why do people steal?

As one of the ten commandments it is very important that we dwelling  into this topic of stealing and understand how we can curb this disaster. By finding the faulty code in our brains that make us swerve off GOD's path then we can control our cruel and evil behaviors.

Let's devle into this.

I won't beat around the bush. People solely steal because they feel something has been stolen from them. That's it! It is a revenge that slowly or quickly stirrs up in the mind. As a matter of fact, breaking all the ten commandments is caused by revenge. It's all about maintaining a certain image in the mind lest death sets in, sadly this what majority beleive. Remember, man was made in the image of GOD but sinful man follows his own image.

When someone feels that their glory is being stolen from them, they feel that their rightful position in the world has been stolen from them. It's like some kind of gravity. Evil works like this, like some kind of gravity. Let me explain further. For instance i am a drunk, my dad always tells me i'm good for nothing, i listen to his words, when i put his words to heart i will eventually feel like he has stolen away something from me. This thing is something that i can't touch but can feel. This thing is my PRIDE.

When this pride is stolen from me i will want to take it back. Since i do not know how to take this feeling back i will want to maintain my pride at that particular level as i once left it. I might decide to burry it but pride is  stubborn, and because i lost my pride, the desperation to replace it as soon as possible sets in, it sets in because without a piece of my pride i feel naked, vulnerable and openly exposed to death like a wild animal.

In the garden of eden, man was naked and he knew no shame. After man ate the fruit they knew they were naked and ever since this feeling of nakedness has been haunting humanity ever since.

in short: when someone's pride is taken he/she will want to take the pride back. This can result in a number of options.

  1. Destroy someone else's mental stability so that you'd both feel miserable and naked.
  2. Steal from somebody something physical so that they'd feel naked too.
  3. Destroy the person who took away the pride. This is a vague and unworth attempt to get pride back but it is only temporary mental satisfaction.
Humanity surely is crazy and afraid of nakedness.

Conclusion: Revenge leads to stealing,  stealing from one person creates an entire army of thieves. This is why JESUS came to show us how to handle revenge through HIM.


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