Why Do People Cheat In Relationships?

When something goes stale we are meant to throw it away so that we won't have to see it's ugly structure any more. Relationships too go stale, relationships too get boring and lack enough salt to make it tasty anymore, but where does the spark go? How comes the power of attraction has to weaken between two lovers?

Answer: The relationship gets old because both partners got what they physically wanted from each other. It wasn't a real relationship, it was only a drive thru type of relationship. These two people got together only to satisfy their physical hungers and desires.

You know, once the hunger dies the pretence of dedication towards the relationship also dies with it. A sales man creates a brief relationship with the seller but to only sell the product, apart from that reason there exists no real relationship between them.

This is the reason couples change

We are doomed and blessed to see change. The TV advertises the most celebrated couples and sets expectation. Everybody then dresses like the most celebrated couples which sets even more expectations

The reason couples love loses taste is because love stops being love and starts to become a competition. A competition that results in couples forcefully changing each other physically just to win this mysterious couples race. Love his/her mind instead, sacrifice your hunger to be seen for each other.

How should couples love?

Love is seeing your struggles in another person, love is seeing another person's weaknesses in you and trying your level best to correct these weaknesses, but make sure they aren't taking you for a wild ride, make sure they aren't playing a mind game with you because you deserve true love.

Conclusion: Love is trust and self-sacrifice, Exactly like JESUS sacrificed Himself for us.


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