Why Did JESUS Turn Water Into Wine?

The first miracle Jesus did was to convert water into wine. Why is it that the first miracle he did was based on a decision to turn water in to wine, to freely give people what they desired? This is weird! Giving people what they asked for?!

The reason:

Jesus did this to demonstrate something really important about His own marriage, between him and the church, to show that HIS guests to HIS marriage with the church won't lack. He also did this to demonstrate that he has come in the power of GOD the ultimate and sole provider of the world. 

Remember, Christ himself revealed that he is the bridegroom and the church is the bride. This represents that before Christ came, the old church had run out of wine early because their full focus is not on GOD, but since GOD sent His only begotten son there will exist new wine from heaven in the new beleifs through full focus on CHRIST tied to the Church.

All who attend the marriage of Christ and the church will not run out of wine, as a matter of fact they will have the best wine which will be sent forth from heaven in abundant supply.


This is the first sign, the first miracle which represents the marriage to come, the marriage which has come to pass, the marriage which will last forever.


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