Why did JESUS say "i am the way, the truth and the light?"

Have you ever watched a movie, did you see how the movie star is the center of all the attention? As human beings we naturally want that attention, we crave being the center of it all. While some people might say this is human nature but can't explain what "human nature" is, of which I'd say blaming it on human nature is ignorance of the highest level. Are you going to just brush the dirt under the couch and just assume it vanished into thin air?

It is not human nature that we always want the top spot, it is because we are selfish, evil and constantly want to compete with GOD. We are evil and desperately want what GOD has, we all want HIS throne. To be at the most center of the center of the final center. We want all the glory, that is why we love everything that makes us win and after that makes us win some more. We are addicted to being the top. Well this shouldn't be a problem as long as we are doing it for GOD and Not to compete with GOD for HIS glory.

answer: JESUS said HE is the way, the truth and the light because HE is how we should live, not as the temporary and dim lights we like that feed own own glory, the temporary and dim lights that comes from the movie stars (you see what they did there? stars give light but only at night). If you choose to only live in the momentary light of the movie stars, the short-lived glory, the temporary high of greatness that comes from mimicking a movie star's short glory which only be buried with another movie star's short glory. What "glorious" drugs to numb the mind.

Living like Jesus did, talking like JESUS talked and doing things like JESUS did is truly living in the light. Living like the movie stars do, talking like the movie stars talk and doing things like the movie stars do is living in a short and temporary light which you will always be scared will run out soon, hence you will live uncomfortably liooking for the next dim light/ super star to run to.


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