Why Was It Really Important For Jesus To Whip The Traders/Robbers At The Market Place?

There was a time JESUS went to the temple, he found traders of all sorts selling all kinds of things from sheep to money changers outside the temple courts. This was an awful sight for JESUS to see, he saw thieves instead of seeing ordinary traders. Why did JESUS see them as thieves instead of ordinary harmless traders?

The reason JESUS saw these people as thieves and NoT traders:

We have come to understand that selling involves deception in order to work. Selling is hard to many people because people want what they want all the time (people 24/7 look out for their own interests) and getting them to buy what you sell you have to instantly convert what they do not want to look exactly like what they think they want. Isn't this deception?

You literally have to hack into the mind of the seller to sell him/her something they do not necessarily need. The reason you have to hack into the mind of the seller is to convince him or her to let their guard down so as to get their personality, to get out of them a description  of what they love and make the product you are selling look like it was custom built for that particular customer. 

For instance I'm selling an iPhone and I know from the way you dress you are an uptight man who loves authority. I will obviously tell you how this iPhone will give you more authority in your work place. I will have feed you your drug, which is 'more authority'. The truth is that the iPhone is just an ordinary phone like the rest.

While it might give you temporary authority it does not guarantee it permanently. In short I'd have to lie it will give you permanent authority. By lying to you about it's supposed pros I become a thief and steal from you.

In conclusion:

Since Jesus was a spiritual person he could recognize the mental robbery that was happening right outside the very eyes of the priests. Physically it was just trade but mentally people were robbing each other.


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