What Does The Baptism Of JESUS Psychologically Mean?

JESUS before beginning HIS mission was baptized by John the Baptist. Why is it that the process of baptism as depicted in the Bible so important to us? Why was it focused on? Why does the process of baptism include being submerged in water?

I had a vision that I was in a boat

There was a time I was in a boat in a vision. I was being threatened and they wanted to throw me overboard, I could not see my attackers faces maybe because they were spiritual. Anyway, they threatened to throw me overboard which they eventually managed to do, with my hands and legs tied, I was crying hysterically but all they did was laugh and forcefully push me, my pleas fell on deaf ears. 

I have this huge fear of water, especially huge amounts of water in one place and this was like my biggest nightmare apart from being thrown into hell to deal with the psychological torture of helplessness.

If you've been helpless at any point in life, then imagine this, going on for a very long time and there's no one to rescue you and your cunning tricks don't work there. You can't use lust, lies, bribery, adopting a celebrates image to fool people, your being cool is worthless there. Nothing works in hell, I know  because in another vision hell was brought to me since I can't go there.

Now back to the water

I sank into the water, to the very bottom, hands tied and feet tied. I was struggling for air, then an angel urged me to remember the baptism of JESUS. Here I was drowning and Angel Michael wanted me to remember how the baptism of JESUS happened. In my last kicks of death I remembered and the next thing I remembered was being safely on the shore with two angels who shortly disappeared.

Enough about my rescue and back to JESUS'S baptism.

I learnt that the angel urged me to remember JESUS'S baptism because just like me, JESUS was submerged into water for sometime completely helpless, in the hands of John the Baptist. While in the water it was like HIS hands and feet were tied, HE had to fully rely on hands he couldn't see to push HIM back up to the surface to stop HIM from drowning. Plus, mine was just a short vision. JESUS'S entire life was like a stretch of my vision on a daily basis.

Conclusion:  We must live our lives as baptism, we are submerged into danger with our feet and hands tied but must trust in GOD'S hands to always pull us back up.

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