What Did JESUS Say About Devil Worshippers?

(John 8:12-45) There was a time JESUS was talking to the Pharisees and they questioned HIM about HIS whereabouts and HIS power. The weight of their argument was on their fore father's through the great things they did, they were quick to mention Abraham who they claimed to have directly talked to GOD but claimed to not know where JESUS came from and denied HIS connection to GOD.

They did this because they were comfortable without self-sacrifice, all they had to do was present themselves as good to each other and in their minds this was confirmation of cleanliness, plus moses was long dead and wasn't coming to judge them so they were comfortable without a supervisor).

The real GOD is uncontrollable because they saw a glimpse of HIM through JESUS. HE does what HE wishes so they preferred lies, simply what they were comfortable in, which is deception.


JESUS said to them plainly "you are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you do. He was a murderer in the beginning and abode not in truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own:for he is a liar and the father of it".

What does this plainly mean?

It means JESUS told them they pretend to abide by the laws of GOD but truly they served their own lusts instead of serving GOD. They worshipped each other as gods through their focus on outwards appearance.

How does this reflect to modern devil worshippers?

Plainly, all who focus on their appearance to others, their flesh in other words are devil worshippers, because they worship their father the devil.You cannot worship GOD and flesh (devil).

What about the Illuminati? 

The Illuminati is mind control. This is a scheme to make you think you're better off than the people in the alleged Illuminati. When you focus on other's evil you Never see your own. This is the scheme, to make you not see your devil worship status.

You'll see "oh, that celebrity is in the Illuminati, I'm so glad I'm not him or her! Phew!!" But you deceive yourself, you focus on his or her sin but do not see you are in the same devil-worship boat that is sinking very fast. 

No wonder the Bible doesn't talk so much about the devil's kingdom, you are not to seek or know about it, rather focus only on GOD's so that you may not deceive yourself.


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