This Is How Jealousy Stirs! As Explained By The Story Of Cain And Abel.

In the book of Genesis we are told about a little story about Adam and Eve's sons. The story focuses on how the elder brother of the two, which is Cain, got jealous of Abel's slain lamb offerings being accepted by GOD as opposed to Cain's garden produce offerings.

Cain was furious at Abel and wanted to be accepted just as Abel was accepted. He wanted the acceptance so bad but GOD told him to do better and his offering will be accepted as well, or if he didn't take care of his temper sin was croutching at the door. Cain could not contain himself, rather than try and give whole-hearted and better offerings he decided to kill Abel.

Let us freeze for a moment and get deeper

Cain grew farm produce, which was a hard thing to do considering the ground had been cursed. Abel on the other hand only took care of sheep, which wasn't a necessarily hard thing to do, considering all he had to do was watch the sheep as they grazed and nurse them when injured.

Now which job between Cain's and Abel's was harder?

While both jobs are equally demanding and time consuming, one focuses mainly on plants, which do not move but rather stay still until harvest. Your eyes don't have to move that much and your heart wouldn't have to pump that much.

On the other hand, taking care of sheep includes being very watchful as some sheep tend to stray includes taking risky and blind steps towards brutal danger. They have suicidal tendacies which are mostly very blind.

GOD checks the heart

Abel looked after the sheep he loved and later slain one for GOD. This means that when he offered the sacrifice he did it whole heartedly as opposed to Cain who felt entitled to his sacrifice. Cain was either knowingly or unknowingly offering a bribe instead of a sacrifice, hence forgetting GOD already owns everything. GOD only gave man the land to take care of it but never to own it. HE specifically gave man Dominion but never ownership.

What about the jealousy?

Cain was jealous of Abel because he simply felt entitled to the bigger and better sacrifice. He felt his good works would save him, he never knew his hard work was nothing to GOD. As long as his heart wasn't in fully sacrificing himself to GOD he couldn't succeed in GOD's eyes.

Modern jealousy

We feel jealousy because we feel entitled over others, but GOD proves that nothing belongs to man. We own nothing, we own nobody, we own absolutely nothing, we are naked, and on fully realizing this, jealousy will die. 

We are here to work for GOD, we are here because GOD allows it. We are here to accept that we are sacrifices to GOD and that no matter what we do we can't be great in GOD's eyes without sacrificing ourselves fully to GOD.


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