The Real Reason JESUS Said "The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil"

Okay, we need money in order to survive during these harsh economic times. We need to eat, to buy furniture, presents and many mostly sentimental things. While spending money to please the heart isn't entirely wrong, there is however an invisible line that we cross to the dark side of money. This is the side of being in love with money.

How can I possibly Love money? it isn't alive.

As human beings we were meant to be naked, to be truthful and transparent. Due to our evil nature we try our very best to hide our evil desires from each other. The best hiding spots I've seen so far are: in the distorted reality of alcohol, in premarital sex (physically and mentally hiding in this case), behind being funny, behind celebrity personalities and the most popular one is behind money.

Hiding behind money?

You see, money is like make up, the more you have on the less your blemishes will be seen and the more people think you are perfect. This is the best hiding spot for most of us. I just hope death won't find the hiders there.

Conclusion: JESUS doesn't want people to hide behind their money and deceive themselves that they are safe. Death can walk even through the walls of your money castle.


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