The Real reason JESUS involved himself with water throughout HIS life.

From being baptized in water, turning water to wine, sending a blind man to wash in the pool of siloam, JESUS did quite a number of miracles using water. Why water? Well, why Not water is the answer. Water supports human life, we need water to live but too much of it and we’d drown. We need little of it but cant handle too much of it. Water represents GOD’s unknown spiritual presence, we need it to survive but we cannot be fully exposed to too much water. This is the same reason GOD does not fully expose himself to us, we’d drown instantly.

The Water World is GOD’s Coming Kingdom

Just like we do on dry ground, the fish live in their own world (an upside down kingdom perhaps), a little-known world who's atmosphere is full of water, whose structure is like that of dry land, full of sand and mountains and plants but still covered with water. This kingdom we know very little of, and most creatures in this world have not been seen anywhere else. Yet, Jesus walked on these very waters, proving he has been given authority over this unseen kingdom.

GOD's kingdom to come will be unknown just like the kingdom of the water. It is hidden and holds many secrets, it is also bigger than that of ours, it will make us uncomfortable because we have never seen this kingdom and do not know how to navigate it. However, GOD rules all kingdoms and if we truly trust Him then we need not to worry.


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