The real reason JESUS chose fishermen

Why of all people did JESUS decide to choose fishermen, it’s a little bit odd isn’t it? He could have chosen to go with princes and kings but instead opted to go with fishermen who were living on the edge of the poverty line. How could he choose these humble men to bring the mighty kingdom of the one and only GOD to all men’s vision and knowledge? What was it with fishermen and the act of fishing that fascinated JESUS so much? 

In order find out the true meaning of JESUS and the fishermen we have to break down the act of fishing, what is involved in the act and how it is done.

Fishermen fish

This might sound strange but a fisherman’s job is to get fish out of the water world and to the world of dry land. Yes, they do kill the fish in this process but it is for a very good cause. The fish being out of water dies and becomes useful to the world, it’s death feeds the people of the world, who we learn from the story of adam and eve in Genesis are made  in GOD’s image.

When JESUS decided to choose fishermen he knew that this is the job he came to do. He came to fish out people from their world of ignorance, allow them to die from the world (this means, thoughts and deeds and sense of direction dies) and this is their sacrifice to GOD.

When we come out of our water, we die and become new creatures in the body of Christ.

JESUS and HIS disciples throughout HIS ministry were fishing, thus making what JESUS said to Andrew and Peter in Matthew 4:18-19 true. He said "I will make you fishers of men". This meant that they would have power to draw people out of the world using light and thus the people would be dead to the worldly ways and live a new life as a sacrifice to GOD.

Conclusion: God is the one we sacrifice ourselves to. When we accept and follow Christ's life we die, our bodies die to the ways of the world. The light is what we follow to the nets that free us from our under water/ignorance driven world.


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