The Real Psychological Reason JESUS Was Tempted.

JESUS was tempted by the devil. We know this as a fact, we also know that he was tempted in the wilderness where no other people were around. We also know that GOD allowed Him to be tempted while He had fasted for forty days. Now, why was Jesus really tempted? What is the meaning behind it all?

The reason:

First things first, JESUS was hungry. This symbolises the fact that the devil is always around when we are hungry to feed our perceived non-spiritual image which includes the entire body. When our desires are hot is when the devil is around, he wants to convince us to do evil. His job is to encourage us to complete our evil mission in our thoughts. Satan tempted GOD to complete his mission of feeding HIS body, feeding HIS image and feeding HIS pride.

Second thing is, It was in the wilderness. The wilderness represents our mind. It is dry and endless and we are always desperate to seek another soul. Imagine this. You are left all alone in the wilderness, what is your first instinct? To find a person who can help you out. We do this everytime. We look for friends everyday, trying to escape our mind/wilderness. Next time remember why you want that friend, that sexy person. You think they will help you escape your wilderness yet GOD is with us in it.

The third thing is, the devil used the weapon of pride against our Lord JESUS. This is the weapon he's always used and uses. He knows this is his territory and desires nothing more than see you step on his property so that he can screw and twist your mind. Unfortunately, out of desperation to feed the earthly image, we do this to each other. We do it in form of stealing, killing and destruction.

The devil has always been a motivational speaker, but instead he motivates us to a repentless grave, a trap for eternity.He, instead of motivating us to succeed, he motivates us to fail. 

The fourth thing is, GOD allowed it to happen. GOD allows us to do wrong but it only depends if we'll learn from it or not. Sometimes we love our wilderness, sometimes we love being lied to because being lied to comes with a pre-packaged false sense of power. Helplessness is also power to own minds.

This is what is happening today with the music industry and especially the comedy industry. A singer overpowers the fans by being helpless. The comedy industry also is the biggest of all deceptive industries. A joke is a person demonstrating their helplessness, don't you see?

Conclusion: Know for a fact GOD is in the wilderness of your mind everyday. Don't run to friends but instead trust only in GOD's presence within you.


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