Psychologically Speaking, Pharaoh Represent All Men's Evil Nature.

There was a time Moses was called by GOD to go and talk to the pharaoh, to tell him to free the Israelites who had been slaves in Egypt for 400 years. That's quite a long time to be slaves if you ask me, you'd have already forgotten the word freedom, it would have skipped your lips.

Now, pharaoh was really pleased in his slaves, they were part of his wealth and Egypt's "grand" status. In short, the wealth and power of Egypt lied on the slaves and some resources. We as evil human beings behave exactly like pharaoh. How, you ask?

We love slavery because we know it's power.

Slavery!This is the reason a school bully bullies, this is the reason domestic violence occurs, this is the entire reason people steal, kill and destroy. We do evil because we want slaves. Evil in itself is tied to slavery.

Our image as evil people is tied to our slaves. When someone pics on you, this disturbs you and automatically your first thought is to find someone to directly or indirectly revenge it on/ to enslave so you can be happy and get your pride back. This might be: watching a degraded celebrity, this is subtly enslaving him/her in your mind, watching porn (enslaving a degraded porn star whore), watching anything where someone is defeated or killed, a beggar...anything helpless, we enslave it in our minds to feel better.

Our evil nature programs us to revenge/ enslave when our imagined god status is questioned. Yes, we do have an imagined god status, why do you think JESUS said " don't you know you are god's" or why the ten commandments forbid covetousness. It is because we can worship each other as god's when desperate.

We automatically enslave each other by doing evil, and if you say you don't not enslave/ commit sin, you are automatically guilty of sin.

Conclusion: The story of pharaoh is indirectly a story of our stubbornness and evil nature. How GOD sends HIS messengers to us so we can free HIS people but we simply don't listen until something bad happens to us.


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