Now Why Did The Bible Focus On JESUS Healing Blind Men?

JESUS's miracles of healing the blind are explained in much detail and have more controversy among men as compared to the other miracles. Why is this so?

The Reason:

These miracles are an interpretation of our own blindness as sinful human beings. We are blind because we want our ways, because we exalt ourselves and everybody and everything we look at we see a reflection of our own ungodly excellence. Yes, our own ungodly excellence.

Think I'm lying?

Marketers and banks use this human weaknesses against us everytime. For instance: the banks have mirrors on the outside. The banks know that due to the natural human attraction to their image they are sure to look at themselves in the free mirror.

The people inside have Their own mirror too, and it's not the physical mirror. Their mirror is people, specifically the people looking at themselves outside the bank. They think they are looking at them so they are likely to fear losing their image of being rich and maybe deposit more money. Yes, we do convert people into mirrors every single day. This is the reason people love similar people, similar = reflection.

Similarity brings calmness of the heart but guess what, this is only a temporary drug. It's being advertised in romance films and many more. You are trying to get your reflection to exalt you, to worship you because 24/7 we have pride and want worship.Yes, this is why cunning criminals have to pretend to like what you like first. They are pretending to be your reflection and so do devils.

How does my reflection relate with JESUS healing the blind?

Ofcourse, your own reflection is your own blindness. Okay, let me repeat it once more so that you can understand this. Your own reflection is your own blindness. The fact is, if you live your life searching for your own reflection in everyone and everything, turning everyone and everything into mirrors then you are seeking for ways to exalt yourself.

JESUS came so that we can learn to tear ourselves from our own reflection. We are to look at ourselves in the mirror and only see JESUS.


Don't be blind. Don't fall in love with your own reflection, rather fall in love with JESUS's reflection only.


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