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Why is the like button the strongest drug? The love of money

People are addicted to money nowadays, people are addicted to money because money makes people invincible, it is like expensive makeup. Money hides our numerous flaws as human beings. For example: if I have a brain problem and don't have money, people would notice my brain problem pretty quick, however if I on the other hand was rich but still had a brain problem, then my brain problem would be hidden from view as people would be first drawn to my money.How does this link to like buttonaddiction?You see the like button is not like Money like some of you would speculate. The like button is a motivator for spending money. Yes, it discourages saving and encourages full expenditure. How does this happen you ask?The answer is really simple. You see, if you want more likes in your social media you have to spend more and more money to change your entire outlook for each like. You end up living for people, living so others can see, you then make their eyes your pillar which is extremely d…

This Is How Jealousy Stirs! As Explained By The Story Of Cain And Abel.

In the book of Genesis we are told about a little story about Adam and Eve's sons. The story focuses on how the elder brother of the two, which is Cain, got jealous of Abel's slain lamb offerings being accepted by GOD as opposed to Cain's garden produce offerings.

Cain was furious at Abel and wanted to be accepted just as Abel was accepted. He wanted the acceptance so bad but GOD told him to do better and his offering will be accepted as well, or if he didn't take care of his temper sin was croutching at the door. Cain could not contain himself, rather than try and give whole-hearted and better offerings he decided to kill Abel.

Let us freeze for a moment and get deeper

Cain grew farm produce, which was a hard thing to do considering the ground had been cursed. Abel on the other hand only took care of sheep, which wasn't a necessarily hard thing to do, considering all he had to do was watch the sheep as they grazed and nurse them when injured.

Now which job between Cai…

Why Do People Cheat In Relationships?

When something goes stale we are meant to throw it away so that we won't have to see it's ugly structure any more. Relationships too go stale, relationships too get boring and lack enough salt to make it tasty anymore, but where does the spark go? How comes the power of attraction has to weaken between two lovers?

Answer: The relationship gets old because both partners got what they physically wanted from each other. It wasn't a real relationship, it was only a drive thru type of relationship. These two people got together only to satisfy their physical hungers and desires.

You know, once the hunger dies the pretence of dedication towards the relationship also dies with it. A sales man creates a brief relationship with the seller but to only sell the product, apart from that reason there exists no real relationship between them.

This is the reason couples change

We are doomed and blessed to see change. The TV advertises the most celebrated couples and sets expectation. Everyb…

What Did JESUS Say About Devil Worshippers?

(John 8:12-45) There was a time JESUS was talking to the Pharisees and they questioned HIM about HIS whereabouts and HIS power. The weight of their argument was on their fore father's through the great things they did, they were quick to mention Abraham who they claimed to have directly talked to GOD but claimed to not know where JESUS came from and denied HIS connection to GOD.

They did this because they were comfortable without self-sacrifice, all they had to do was present themselves as good to each other and in their minds this was confirmation of cleanliness, plus moses was long dead and wasn't coming to judge them so they were comfortable without a supervisor).

The real GOD is uncontrollable because they saw a glimpse of HIM through JESUS. HE does what HE wishes so they preferred lies, simply what they were comfortable in, which is deception.


JESUS said to them plainly "you are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you do. …

Why Is Lust So Bad? According To Revelation.

Lust is everywhere, it's being used as baitclick on the internet, as a reason to buy that brand new car or see that new song everyone's talking about. Lust has become the new currency, lust has become the new mark of access. Without adding lust to products, companies do not sell that much, this is why some companies shape their bottles to look like women's body figures. Didn't know? Now you know.

Lust controls minds, it is a powerful sedative.

Yes, lust is a very powerful sedative. When in lust, the mind which naturally is closed off like a bank becomes open like a public library and this is why marketers love it so much. They get so much out of you when you're in lust. Now you know why so many naked pics are spread out. It is to make our minds numb, lust has the same effect as a mad man's mind numbing medicine.

Lust turns us into thoughtless animals

When you lust you do not become composed, you are under a spell. You practically turn into an animal whose leash is …

What Does The Baptism Of JESUS Psychologically Mean?

JESUS before beginning HIS mission was baptized by John the Baptist. Why is it that the process of baptism as depicted in the Bible so important to us? Why was it focused on? Why does the process of baptism include being submerged in water?

I had a vision that I was in a boat

There was a time I was in a boat in a vision. I was being threatened and they wanted to throw me overboard, I could not see my attackers faces maybe because they were spiritual. Anyway, they threatened to throw me overboard which they eventually managed to do, with my hands and legs tied, I was crying hysterically but all they did was laugh and forcefully push me, my pleas fell on deaf ears. 

I have this huge fear of water, especially huge amounts of water in one place and this was like my biggest nightmare apart from being thrown into hell to deal with the psychological torture of helplessness.

If you've been helpless at any point in life, then imagine this, going on for a very long time and there's no one …

Why was man created last? (Decoded)

In the genesis account of creation, man could have easily been created first but instead he was created last. Why was this so? Why last? of all the other days. Plus what makes this order of creation even more puzzling is that GOD rested on the seventh or sabbath. What strangeness this is! We see this again when Noah let all the animals into the ark then him and his family entered last. This was not by mistake, GOD doesn’t change, HE did this on purpose.
Okay, let’s decode this
Animals are simple minded beings, they do not think about discovery and exploration, they only think of maintaining their strength and physical bodies. They cannot see beyond their daily routines that concern body maintenance. While on the other hand, human beings are more than capable of perceiving things beyond survival, things beyond what the body needs. In short, animals are slaves to their bodies but we humans are not fully enslaved to our bodies, we can either choose our bodies or not. 
We were created la…

Why Was It Important For JESUS To Protect The Adulterous Woman.

There was a time a woman had been caught in adultery. The crowds brought her to JESUS, they asked Him what should be done because according to the laws of Moses she should be stoned. JESUS bent down and started writing something on the ground, they continued questioning Him, He rose and asked them "if anyone there had no sin, let him/her be the first to stone her" none did so, they all left. He then asked her, "where are your accusers?
 Does no one condemn you?" She said "no one" then JESUS said, "neither do I".

Let us decode this:

The Pharisees and scribes who brought the adulterous woman wanted to do what was in accordance with the law of Moses. While this might be right, what made it wrong is. Human beings are damned, evil, they wanted to kill her so they can feel better about themselves, we love sacrifices, especially human ones.

This is the very reason Jesus said, "if any one has no sin be the first to stone her'. Man is always despera…

Now Why Did The Bible Focus On JESUS Healing Blind Men?

JESUS's miracles of healing the blind are explained in much detail and have more controversy among men as compared to the other miracles. Why is this so?

The Reason:

These miracles are an interpretation of our own blindness as sinful human beings. We are blind because we want our ways, because we exalt ourselves and everybody and everything we look at we see a reflection of our own ungodly excellence. Yes, our own ungodly excellence.

Think I'm lying?

Marketers and banks use this human weaknesses against us everytime. For instance: the banks have mirrors on the outside. The banks know that due to the natural human attraction to their image they are sure to look at themselves in the free mirror.

The people inside have Their own mirror too, and it's not the physical mirror. Their mirror is people, specifically the people looking at themselves outside the bank. They think they are looking at them so they are likely to fear losing their image of being rich and maybe deposit more mo…

Psychologically Speaking, Pharaoh Represent All Men's Evil Nature.

There was a time Moses was called by GOD to go and talk to the pharaoh, to tell him to free the Israelites who had been slaves in Egypt for 400 years. That's quite a long time to be slaves if you ask me, you'd have already forgotten the word freedom, it would have skipped your lips.

Now, pharaoh was really pleased in his slaves, they were part of his wealth and Egypt's "grand" status. In short, the wealth and power of Egypt lied on the slaves and some resources. We as evil human beings behave exactly like pharaoh. How, you ask?

We love slavery because we know it's power.

Slavery!This is the reason a school bully bullies, this is the reason domestic violence occurs, this is the entire reason people steal, kill and destroy. We do evil because we want slaves. Evil in itself is tied to slavery.

Our image as evil people is tied to our slaves. When someone pics on you, this disturbs you and automatically your first thought is to find someone to directly or indirectly r…

The Real Psychological Reason JESUS Was Tempted.

JESUS was tempted by the devil. We know this as a fact, we also know that he was tempted in the wilderness where no other people were around. We also know that GOD allowed Him to be tempted while He had fasted for forty days. Now, why was Jesus really tempted? What is the meaning behind it all?


First things first, JESUS was hungry. This symbolises the fact that the devil is always around when we are hungry to feed our perceived non-spiritual image which includes the entire body. When our desires are hot is when the devil is around, he wants to convince us to do evil. His job is to encourage us to complete our evil mission in our thoughts. Satan tempted GOD to complete his mission of feeding HIS body, feeding HIS image and feeding HIS pride.

Second thing is, It was in the wilderness. The wilderness represents our mind. It is dry and endless and we are always desperate to seek another soul. Imagine this. You are left all alone in the wilderness, what is your first instinct? To f…

The Real Reason JESUS Said "The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil"

Okay, we need money in order to survive during these harsh economic times. We need to eat, to buy furniture, presents and many mostly sentimental things. While spending money to please the heart isn't entirely wrong, there is however an invisible line that we cross to the dark side of money. This is the side of being in love with money.

How can I possibly Love money? it isn't alive.

As human beings we were meant to be naked, to be truthful and transparent. Due to our evil nature we try our very best to hide our evil desires from each other. The best hiding spots I've seen so far are: in the distorted reality of alcohol, in premarital sex (physically and mentally hiding in this case), behind being funny, behind celebrity personalities and the most popular one is behind money.

Hiding behind money?

You see, money is like make up, the more you have on the less your blemishes will be seen and the more people think you are perfect. This is the best hiding spot for most of us. I just…

Why Did JESUS Turn Water Into Wine?

The first miracle Jesus did was to convert water into wine. Why is it that the first miracle he did was based on a decision to turn water in to wine, to freely give people what they desired? This is weird! Giving people what they asked for?!


Jesus did this to demonstrate something really important about His own marriage, between him and the church, to show that HIS guests to HIS marriage with the church won't lack. He also did this to demonstrate that he has come in the power of GOD the ultimate and sole provider of the world. 

Remember, Christ himself revealed that he is the bridegroom and the church is the bride. This represents that before Christ came, the old church had run out of wine early because their full focus is not on GOD, but since GOD sent His only begotten son there will exist new wine from heaven in the new beleifs through full focus on CHRIST tied to the Church.

All who attend the marriage of Christ and the church will not run out of wine, as a matter of f…

Why Was It Really Important For Jesus To Whip The Traders/Robbers At The Market Place?

There was a time JESUS went to the temple, he found traders of all sorts selling all kinds of things from sheep to money changers outside the temple courts. This was an awful sight for JESUS to see, he saw thieves instead of seeing ordinary traders. Why did JESUS see them as thieves instead of ordinary harmless traders?

The reason JESUS saw these people as thieves and NoT traders:

We have come to understand that selling involves deception in order to work. Selling is hard to many people because people want what they want all the time (people 24/7 look out for their own interests) and getting them to buy what you sell you have to instantly convert what they do not want to look exactly like what they think they want. Isn't this deception?

You literally have to hack into the mind of the seller to sell him/her something they do not necessarily need. The reason you have to hack into the mind of the seller is to convince him or her to let their guard down so as to get their personality, to…

Why do people steal?

As one of the ten commandments it is very important that we dwelling  into this topic of stealing and understand how we can curb this disaster. By finding the faulty code in our brains that make us swerve off GOD's path then we can control our cruel and evil behaviors.

Let's devle into this.

I won't beat around the bush. People solely steal because they feel something has been stolen from them. That's it! It is a revenge that slowly or quickly stirrs up in the mind. As a matter of fact, breaking all the ten commandments is caused by revenge. It's all about maintaining a certain image in the mind lest death sets in, sadly this what majority beleive. Remember, man was made in the image of GOD but sinful man follows his own image.

When someone feels that their glory is being stolen from them, they feel that their rightful position in the world has been stolen from them. It's like some kind of gravity. Evil works like this, like some kind of gravity. Let me explain fu…

Why did JESUS say "i am the way, the truth and the light?"

Have you ever watched a movie, did you see how the movie star is the center of all the attention? As human beings we naturally want that attention, we crave being the center of it all. While some people might say this is human nature but can't explain what "human nature" is, of which I'd say blaming it on human nature is ignorance of the highest level. Are you going to just brush the dirt under the couch and just assume it vanished into thin air?

It is not human nature that we always want the top spot, it is because we are selfish, evil and constantly want to compete with GOD. We are evil and desperately want what GOD has, we all want HIS throne. To be at the most center of the center of the final center. We want all the glory, that is why we love everything that makes us win and after that makes us win some more. We are addicted to being the top. Well this shouldn't be a problem as long as we are doing it for GOD and Not to compete with GOD for HIS glory.


Why was JESUS born in a manger

the whole world hated GOD because he knew not his ways. The heart of man was always against GOD because man is filled with evil. Man's only desire is to compete with GOD. The thought of a ruler being brought into a kingdom, company, society to change the old comfortable and sluggish ways of the subjects is something that is prone to spark a wild debate amongst the subjects. New rules means being trapped into new mazes, new likely unfavorable walls/rules being set up.

The answer: a new ruler who will change the rules isn't welcome simply because He will change the rules. Man loves His evil, because without it man strongly believes he is powerless. Men hate new rules because of powerlessness. The world couldn't welcome a new ruler who would eradicate evil which is very easy to go on by.

Only the animals would welcome Him because they know not good and evil. They are blind to JESUS. If they knew the difference, who knows what would have happened in that manger. Maybe they'…

The Real reason JESUS involved himself with water throughout HIS life.

From being baptized in water, turning water to wine, sending a blind man to wash in the pool of siloam, JESUS did quite a number of miracles using water. Why water? Well, why Not water is the answer. Water supports human life, we need water to live but too much of it and we’d drown. We need little of it but cant handle too much of it. Water represents GOD’s unknown spiritual presence, we need it to survive but we cannot be fully exposed to too much water. This is the same reason GOD does not fully expose himself to us, we’d drown instantly.
The Water World is GOD’s Coming Kingdom
Just like we do on dry ground, the fish live in their own world (an upside down kingdom perhaps), a little-known world who's atmosphere is full of water, whose structure is like that of dry land, full of sand and mountains and plants but still covered with water. This kingdom we know very little of, and most creatures in this world have not been seen anywhere else. Yet, Jesus walked on these very waters, …

The real reason JESUS chose fishermen

Why of all people did JESUS decide to choose fishermen, it’s a little bit odd isn’t it? He could have chosen to go with princes and kings but instead opted to go with fishermen who were living on the edge of the poverty line. How could he choose these humble men to bring the mighty kingdom of the one and only GOD to all men’s vision and knowledge? What was it with fishermen and the act of fishing that fascinated JESUS so much? 
In order find out the true meaning of JESUS and the fishermen we have to break down the act of fishing, what is involved in the act and how it is done.
Fishermen fish

This might sound strange but a fisherman’s job is to get fish out of the water world and to the world of dry land. Yes, they do kill the fish in this process but it is for a very good cause. The fish being out of water dies and becomes useful to the world, it’s death feeds the people of the world, who we learn from the story of adam and eve in Genesis are made  in GOD’s image.
When JESUS decided to…