Why is the like button the strongest drug? The love of money

People are addicted to money nowadays, people are addicted to money because money makes people invincible, it is like expensive makeup. Money hides our numerous flaws as human beings. For example: if I have a brain problem and don't have money, people would notice my brain problem pretty quick, however if I on the other hand was rich but still had a brain problem, then my brain problem would be hidden from view as people would be first drawn to my money.How does this link to like buttonaddiction?You see the like button is not like Money like some of you would speculate. The like button is a motivator for spending money. Yes, it discourages saving and encourages full expenditure. How does this happen you ask?The answer is really simple. You see, if you want more likes in your social media you have to spend more and more money to change your entire outlook for each like. You end up living for people, living so others can see, you then make their eyes your pillar which is extremely d…

This Is How Jealousy Stirs! As Explained By The Story Of Cain And Abel.

In the book of Genesis we are told about a little story about Adam and Eve's sons. The story focuses on how the elder brother of the two, which is Cain, got jealous of Abel's slain lamb offerings being accepted by GOD as opposed to Cain's garden produce offerings.

Cain was furious at Abel and wanted to be accepted just as Abel was accepted. He wanted the acceptance so bad but GOD told him to do better and his offering will be accepted as well, or if he didn't take care of his temper sin was croutching at the door. Cain could not contain himself, rather than try and give whole-hearted and better offerings he decided to kill Abel.

Let us freeze for a moment and get deeper

Cain grew farm produce, which was a hard thing to do considering the ground had been cursed. Abel on the other hand only took care of sheep, which wasn't a necessarily hard thing to do, considering all he had to do was watch the sheep as they grazed and nurse them when injured.

Now which job between Cai…

Why Do People Cheat In Relationships?

When something goes stale we are meant to throw it away so that we won't have to see it's ugly structure any more. Relationships too go stale, relationships too get boring and lack enough salt to make it tasty anymore, but where does the spark go? How comes the power of attraction has to weaken between two lovers?

Answer: The relationship gets old because both partners got what they physically wanted from each other. It wasn't a real relationship, it was only a drive thru type of relationship. These two people got together only to satisfy their physical hungers and desires.

You know, once the hunger dies the pretence of dedication towards the relationship also dies with it. A sales man creates a brief relationship with the seller but to only sell the product, apart from that reason there exists no real relationship between them.

This is the reason couples change

We are doomed and blessed to see change. The TV advertises the most celebrated couples and sets expectation. Everyb…

What Did JESUS Say About Devil Worshippers?

(John 8:12-45) There was a time JESUS was talking to the Pharisees and they questioned HIM about HIS whereabouts and HIS power. The weight of their argument was on their fore father's through the great things they did, they were quick to mention Abraham who they claimed to have directly talked to GOD but claimed to not know where JESUS came from and denied HIS connection to GOD.

They did this because they were comfortable without self-sacrifice, all they had to do was present themselves as good to each other and in their minds this was confirmation of cleanliness, plus moses was long dead and wasn't coming to judge them so they were comfortable without a supervisor).

The real GOD is uncontrollable because they saw a glimpse of HIM through JESUS. HE does what HE wishes so they preferred lies, simply what they were comfortable in, which is deception.


JESUS said to them plainly "you are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you do. …

Why Is Lust So Bad? According To Revelation.

Lust is everywhere, it's being used as baitclick on the internet, as a reason to buy that brand new car or see that new song everyone's talking about. Lust has become the new currency, lust has become the new mark of access. Without adding lust to products, companies do not sell that much, this is why some companies shape their bottles to look like women's body figures. Didn't know? Now you know.

Lust controls minds, it is a powerful sedative.

Yes, lust is a very powerful sedative. When in lust, the mind which naturally is closed off like a bank becomes open like a public library and this is why marketers love it so much. They get so much out of you when you're in lust. Now you know why so many naked pics are spread out. It is to make our minds numb, lust has the same effect as a mad man's mind numbing medicine.

Lust turns us into thoughtless animals

When you lust you do not become composed, you are under a spell. You practically turn into an animal whose leash is …

What Does The Baptism Of JESUS Psychologically Mean?

JESUS before beginning HIS mission was baptized by John the Baptist. Why is it that the process of baptism as depicted in the Bible so important to us? Why was it focused on? Why does the process of baptism include being submerged in water?

I had a vision that I was in a boat

There was a time I was in a boat in a vision. I was being threatened and they wanted to throw me overboard, I could not see my attackers faces maybe because they were spiritual. Anyway, they threatened to throw me overboard which they eventually managed to do, with my hands and legs tied, I was crying hysterically but all they did was laugh and forcefully push me, my pleas fell on deaf ears. 

I have this huge fear of water, especially huge amounts of water in one place and this was like my biggest nightmare apart from being thrown into hell to deal with the psychological torture of helplessness.

If you've been helpless at any point in life, then imagine this, going on for a very long time and there's no one …

Why was man created last? (Decoded)

In the genesis account of creation, man could have easily been created first but instead he was created last. Why was this so? Why last? of all the other days. Plus what makes this order of creation even more puzzling is that GOD rested on the seventh or sabbath. What strangeness this is! We see this again when Noah let all the animals into the ark then him and his family entered last. This was not by mistake, GOD doesn’t change, HE did this on purpose.
Okay, let’s decode this
Animals are simple minded beings, they do not think about discovery and exploration, they only think of maintaining their strength and physical bodies. They cannot see beyond their daily routines that concern body maintenance. While on the other hand, human beings are more than capable of perceiving things beyond survival, things beyond what the body needs. In short, animals are slaves to their bodies but we humans are not fully enslaved to our bodies, we can either choose our bodies or not. 
We were created la…